Riding your bike to work

Just a quick story for today. A friend of mine told me about when he was on the interview panel for a job in his division of the company. One of the interview subjects, a guy who seemed eminently qualified on paper, was quite distracted during the interview. He kept looking out the office window; my friend wasn’t sure why.

“This job would be perfect for me,” the candidate said after he finally finished rubbernecking out the window. “I would be able to ride my bike to work!”

Not once did the man mention why and how he could solve the employer’s problems. He even brought up the “riding his bike to work” concept again at the end of the interview.

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but he didn’t get the job.

Please remember and never forget: It’s not about you.

The dark side of HR

As research for this blog, I read a lot of job hunting and resume advice, most of it on the web. A lot of it, to be blunt, is trash. But I read something this week that really “angered up my blood,” as Grandpa Simpson would say.

It was from a blog on the Harvard Business Review site, of all places, innocently titled “Job Seekers: Get HR on Your Side.” If you’ve read this site before, you probably know that there’s no love lost between me and the vast majority of the Human Resources profession. But this article went above and beyond. [Read more...]

‘Not eligible’

Just a quick little story today.

A while ago I applied for a job in the state system. I filled out the online application, which basically involved restating my resume in prose form by filling out a series of online form boxes. It was a job that I was extremely qualified for, and my background exactly matched what they said they were looking for.

Well, man plans, God laughs, as they say. [Read more...]